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As part of it social responsibilities to its catchment area Lower Pra Ladies Association on 2nd September 2011, with the support of the bank, has donated items worth over GHC5,000.00 to the Ivorien refugees at the Ampain Refugee camp.

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Inline with our vision of bringing unique banking experience to people within our catchment's areas, we presently have 10 (ten) branches and agencies across the western region. 

Below is the list of our branches/agencies and contact information.


 Branch/Agency  Contact Phone No  E-Mail Address
 Head Office   +233 (0)0277751510
 Shama   +233 (0) 277751575
 WID   +233 (0) 277751586
 Aboadze   +233 (0)277751582
 Daboase   +233 (0)277751576
 Kojokrom   +233 (0)277751579
 Essikadu   +233 (0)277751578
 Effiakuma   +233 (0)277751577
 Kokompe   +233 (0)277751584
 Kwesimintsim   +233 (0)277765694
 Anaji   +233 (0)277761680
 Mpohor   +233 (0)277761710
 Axim   +233 (0)277769288
 Nkroful   +233 (0)277812382
 Tarkwa   +233 (0)577606797
 T-Poly   +233 (0)577618564-5


Rural bank of the year Award (1991) (Chartered Institute of Marketing)
National Good Corporate Citizen Award 1996
Ghana Club 100 since its inception (2002 – 2012)
Awards from District Assemblies
Ghana Business Financial Excellence Award

The Lower Pra Rural Bank Limited is a public limited liability company with authorised capital of Five Million Ordinary Shares and One Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand preference Shares of no par value.
The Shareholders are individuals in the bank’s catchment area. The Bank of Ghana owns the total of the Preference Shares.
The total number of Ordinary Shares subscribed, as at January 1, 2011 was Three Million Eight Hundred and Ninety Four Thousand amounting to One Million Two Hundred and sixty nine Thousand, Two Hundred and fifty one Ghana Cedis Nine Ghana Pesewas (GHS1,269,251.09). The price per share is One Ghana Cedis (GHS1.00).








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